Electronic Exam (E-Exam)

What is Electronic Exam?

Electronic exams is a system of allowing the students to take there exams using the computer on real time (online) instead of writing the answers using written exams.

How does it work?

The computer based exams will be prepared by the school IT dept. then the students will use the computers in the exam hall to take their exams according to an exams schedule. The students will answer the questions according to specific time, and then after finishing the exam, the system will automatically correct the exams within seconds and display the results immediately.

Benefits of using E-exams (computer based testing)

1. All students will be treated equally because:
2. The system will be bought once, the running cost of papers, photocopy is high.
3. The exams will be prepared in a high standard, all the same format.
4. No one will be able to cheat because the exam will be the same for all students but the questions are going to be displayed randomly.
5. The system support multiple choice questions, true or false and short answers questions.
6. The system will display the result immediately. So the system will save time of correcting the exams, and the results are going to be 100% accurate without any mistakes of the manual correction.
7. All the exams are going to be clear and using the same format, the students will be more comfortable answering computerized exams.
8. very details information can be displayed for the school administration or subject teachers like:

        1. Class average for a specific exam.
        2. Average for each question, so the teacher can determine if a certain question was not covered well.
        3. The Best and weak answers questions.
        4. Report for a specific students in all exams.
        5. Report about the average time for each exam.

9. Exam security using the activation key to make sure no one can view the exam.
10. Teachers or the IT dept. can prepare the exams from school, home or from any place online using the internet.
11. The system allows the administration to print the exam, the exam model answers or the exams and the answers for a specific student for a specific exam in specific date.