We Believe that 

Positive learning experiences, relationships based upon mutual respect and the creation of a safe and caring environment foster the all-round development of a child into a mature adult with the ability to contribute positively to their community.

  We must always address physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs, capitalizing on students' strengths and provide a wide range of strategies for meeting the individual needs of each student.

We should foster in each student a responsibility to respect value and improve themselves, their community and environment as well as other people by developing the ability to work and play cooperatively and fairly.

An understanding of cultural diversity is essential to developing positive feelings towards others, thus enabling students to be effective members of the world community.

Parents and teachers are essentially partners in the education of children.

Rawafed School is dedicated to providing

A supportive and positive climate that encourages the development of individual potential, a positive self-image, and respect for others and their culture.

 An educational experience that meets the individual needs, interests, and abilities of a diverse student body.

 Opportunities for the development of knowledge and skills for future educational goals and life-long learning.