At RPS we believe Healthy Bodies = Healthy Minds and encourage all students to have a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. All meals are Halal, nutritionally balanced and are prepared locally, using locally sourced ingredients and produce wherever possible.

A few tips for students to remember at lunchtime:

Please remember that parents are always welcome to use the canteen facilities and enjoy lunch or a quick snack whilst at school. We welcome any comments and suggestions that you may have to make our service better. 

  •          Make sure you have clean hands.
  •          Wait quietly at your table in the Cafeteria. (Your teacher will show you where this is on your first day).
  •          Make sure you sit in the same seat on the same table each day please.
  •          If you do not have a plate of food, you should ask the Year 6 student at your table to help get one for you.
  •          You should try to eat as much as you can from your plate.
  •          Everyone at your table should help to tidy the table before you leave.