Students at Rawafed

What It Means To Be A Student At RPS?

        As your child enters the Rawafed Private School, we wish him/her a very successful and rewarding year at our school. We also would like to help you understand what kind of school this is, within the wide spectrum of American schools, and the way RPS addresses the student’s academic needs. Most importantly, everyone who receives a RPS diploma upon graduation is qualified for entrance into colleges and universities world-wide; RPS is a college preparatory school and the Senior School is designed to prepare students for a successful undergraduate career in the United States, Europe, Canada and here at UAE.

        Central to the success of RPS is the belief that each student is an individual who needs to be nurtured according to his/her individual needs. Each child strengths and weaknesses are encouraged and supported.

        And because of the relatively small size of our classes we are able to cater for individual needs through tailored teaching methods which give each student plenty of stimulation and academic challenge. Furthermore, we recognize the individual differences of our students; those of regular ability in some academic areas may be especially strong in others, and our course selection process emphasizes these individualized needs. With our emphasis on personal, one-on-one academic counseling, students can make a variety of course choices to match their abilities and interests. RPS strives to offer an integrated program from kindergarten to twelfth grade, and we aim to be consistent in our educational philosophy, teaching strategies, and learning objectives throughout Junior, Middle, and Senior Schools. We strive to stimulate the highest possible level of motivation, perseverance, and achievement. Through heterogeneous learning groups, we help students to avoid limiting their personal goals according to rough classifications ("average," "gifted") As a result, our students very often accomplish more than they think they can, and most find at least one area in which they perform particularly well.

        The faculty and administration are aware of its responsibility in achieving these aims. We are able to understand students and their potential especially well, and we strive to make our program flexible enough to meet their individual needs successfully.